GEMS - Generational Multidirectional Strategy for Digital Literacy of Adults




Multi-Generation Digital Learning and e-Learning
Despite the increasingly critical role of e-learning in higher education, there is limited understanding of the satisfaction essentials of multi-generational students’ cohorts undertaking online courses. In this study, we examine the perceived value of educational experiences of multi-generational students’ cohorts studying via an online learning management system (Moodle).


Good Practices Showcase for Adult Education Providers,
This consultation is for anyone with an interest in adult and further education and training, skills, workforce development, careers, employment, and employment services. The consultation is also for anyone working directly with Londoners belonging to demographic groups that are underrepresented in learning.


Digital Literacy for Adults
Digital literacy can be defined as the skills associated with using technology to enable users to find, evaluate, organize, create, and communicate information. The integration of digital literacy into curriculum and instruction is required in order to provide opportunities for students to explore, experiment, and develop expertise using real world applications for digital literacy while building their academic skills.

- Low literate adults (over 30 and seniors), especially those with low or no digital literacy.
- Adult learners, especially those who have more difficulties with digital tools, devices and media (including social media)
- Young people with higher levels of digital literacy than adults can benefit from adults' areas of expertise and support their learning.
- Institutions providing Adult Education
- Education researchers and providers

  • Increasing adults’ competence in dealing with digital communication devices
  • Developing intergenerational learning that promotes cross-strategies for seniors and young adults
  • Leveraging the competencies of adults and adult education providers to tackle the digital skills of adults, expanding their range of action, opportunities and strategies in this area